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Saturday Morning Workshops at Cecil Sharp House begin on 19 April


The English Folk Dance and Song Society is proud to announce a series of Saturday workshops at Cecil Sharp House. The workshops are set to begin on 19 April 2008. Sessions are geared toward beginners, although students of all levels of experience are welcome. Classes will occur on the first and third Saturdays of the month, from 10.30-12.30 at Cecil Sharp House in Camden Town. The series will feature widely renowned teachers, lecturers, and workshop leaders. Instruction will be offered in banjo, piano accordion, and voice . Each day will include both classes and lectures, with classes in the morning and lectures following. Please see the EFDSS web page for more information.

Classes will run for two terms. The first term will begin on 19 April and end on 19 July, and the second will begin 6 September and run through 12 December. Instructors include Ed Hicks (banjo), Paul Hutchinson (Accordion), Sam Lee (voice), and Tim van Eyken (voice). Lecturers include Malcolm Taylor, Vic Gammon , Doc Rowe, Shirley Collins, John Howson, and Reg Hall.

Places in the workshops are limited, so advance booking is recommended. Some instruments may be available for students who do not have their own; please call Cecil Sharp House on 0208 485 2206 to enquire about instruments or to book a place.

Cecil Sharp House is located at 2 Regents Park Road, Camden Town, NW1 7AY. For directions, please visit . The Vaughan Williams Memorial Library will be open on Saturday workshop days.

Lecture Series Dates and Topics
Date		Lecturer			Subject
19/4		Malcolm Taylor	This Folk Melée: Collectors, manuscripts, the oral tradition,  and how to look beyond the dust
3/5		Reg Hall		Irish Music in Camden Town
17/5		Doc Rowe		This land of custom: same time, same place, next year
7/6		Appleby Fair		
21/6		Shirley Collins	Songs and stories of southern country gypsies
5/7		Vic Gammon		Sex, drink and death in English folk song
19/7		John Howsen	Stepping out in East Anglia: keeping it alive
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