grendel (grendelis) wrote in folkuk,

Folky Listy things happening in Scotland

Yon lucky Scottish folks should try tae catch Davey Graham.

I also learnt fae the wonderful List magazine website:
- that Eliza is currently based in Embra toon. Gosh, how it has changed since I jumped ship over a decade ago noo.
- The Cowboy Junkies are playing their 'Trinity' in the Queens Hall. Now that should be sublime.
- that there's a band called 'Hud Yer Wheesht'. Awesome, just awesome name!
- Martyn Bennett tribute night at the Queens Hall, Embra. Is his mother still alive, anyone know?
- Shooglenifty are playing the gorgeous Universal Hall up at Findhorn.
- There are more Metal/Rock gigs happening in NZ than Scotland... but it's all hush hush.
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